Première eye filmmuseum


This beautiful film is about climate, care, courage in the altitudes of the Himalayas. It is about the voices of women who carry a Buddhist view; it is about swimming against the stream, making our way across high passes, building and crossing bridges. So grateful to Annegré Bosman whose amazing gift as a filmmaker and persistence and faith, plus Pende and others for funding. Yes, INTO THE HEART OF THE MOUNTAIN… and at the gorgeous Eye Film Museum… big screen, great sound. Going to film festivals first. Hope all can see soon!

– Joan Halifax

Into the heart of the Mountain
Premiered in Eye Filmmuseum! With the support of many! Wow it was a huge success because of everyone’s enthusiasm and commitment during the whole event; Masterclass of Roshi Joan Halifax really inspiring and all the positive reactions to the film were really overwhelming!
When you’ve worked on a film for so long, you can only hope that it will be so well received in this way. Thank you Joan for your uplifting words and your beautiful gift I received; the one strike painting. I would have loved to have everyone from the Nomads Clinic at the premiere, but I was very happy that Wendy, Gus and Joke were there! And now onward and launching the film! 

– Annegré Bosman
River nam Dudan