Into the Heart of the Mountain

After a successful Masterclass by Roshi Joan Halifax and the film premiere of the film Into the Heart of the Mountain at Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, the film will first be screened at film festivals worldwide. 


Premiere documentary Into the Heart of the Mountain and
Masterclass of Zen Buddhist teacher Roshi Joan Halifax

'There's a fire burning inside. It tells me that it can be better, must be better!
The world is breaking down, and we are all responsible.
I want to do something, but how?
How do I become a good activist, a good person?
And how do I do that without going down myself?' 

It's teachers like Joan Halifax who lead by example. Halifax was briefly in the Netherlands for the premiere of the film Into the Heart of the Mountain on June 10 in Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. In the documentary, Dutch filmmaker Annegré Bosman follows the Zen teacher during the 'Nomads Clinic'. This is an annual pilgrimage in which a group of aid workers travel into the Himalayas to provide care in remote areas.

Bosman went along and followed Halifax and the other expedition members on their way through the mountains. The result is an inspiring reflection on the life and work of Joan Halifax. Which is living proof that it is possible: to lead an inspired life and to take good care of the earth. See TRAILER Into the Heart of the Mountain. Before the premiere, Roshi Joan gives a Masterclass. In it she tells from her own experience how you can have a socially involved life.
“How to bring life to life”, in her own words.

Giving Life to Life: The Zen of social and environmental engagement
This Masterclass is an exploration of the bodhisattva path of facing the truth of suffering with courage, compassion and joy. We will need to examine compassion as a necessity in our lives, reflect on the extraordinary teachings of Bernie Glassman Roshi, honor the gifts of Thich Nhat Hanh and Joanna Macy to this work, and reflect on how Roshi Joan brought together deep practice and service in the world. This includes her work in the Himalayas with the Nomads Clinic over many decades, work on death row, counseling dying people, and her insights from sitting in the charnel grounds and gardens of our world.

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